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Saraceni Bag on a chopper & Long Haul Bag

We came up with this bag so that you could put your leathers on the handlebars or behind the sissy bar when the temperature outside warmed up, without the use of bungee cords, which sometimes scratches your bike. Saraceni motorcycle bags are made in the U.S.A of soft, durable, black leather.

Use your Saraceni Bag on the handlebar, rack, fork, tail, sissy bar or on the seat.

Long Haul "Goin' to Sturgis" bag, a massive 23" x 10" diameter leather bag. No more bungee cords!!

Made in the USA!



Fits on handlebars, racks or behind sissy bar.



Saraceni Bag Saraceni Long Haul Bag
Long Haul Bag (above)
Saraceni Bag Saraceni Long Haul Bag
Long Haul Bag (above)
Side Mounted
Mounting Variation (Larger photo not available)
Saraceni Bag
Mounting Variation (Larger photo not available)

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We now have a new, smaller bag for choppers. This bag is easy on/off, needs no tools and fits on handlebars. It's hand made in the USA with beautiful natural full grain leather and is very soft, but durable. It has light weight webbing straps sewn into the bag with slide release buckles and a third strap to go around the head light that holds the bag down at high speeds (or the speed limit). It also folds up into a small package to be tucked away.

See more photos using the bags with choppers.




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June 2008

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June 2006

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Riders have been using this bag for ten years. We’re the only ones that make this easy on, easy off, collapsible bag. It’s one of a kind. The main purpose was to have a bag, that looked neat, was easy to get on and off your bike, and folded up when it wasn’t in use.

Store all your gear in this convenient bag.





Some riders don’t like bags but sometimes you have to have somewhere to put things. A lot of riders in our area have these bags and like them! It will hold your jacket and more, and look clean all the time.

When it's not in use, it folds up small enough to be tucked away into your jacket.

Pictured with an original bag. We have moved our outside pocket to the end of the bag for easier access when your bag is full.

See Quick Time animation of bag folding up. (1.6 mb)




Saraceni Bags are natural full grain leather very soft and durable. It has 1" light weight webbing, that is sewn into the bag with quick release buckles; a 3/4" light weight webbing that goes around the headlight. The zipper runs the length of the bag. It can be zipped from both ends to center or just end to end with two sliders. Packing is easier and you can get things in and out without removing everything. The bags have two side pockets with nylon zippers. The webbing can be crossed to make a Handle so you can take the bag with you easier.

Bag sizes

12" long x 7" diameter
14" long x 7" diameter
18" long x 7" diameter
20" long x 7" diameter
23" long x 7" diameter

12" long x 8" diameter
14" long x 8" diameter
18" long x 8" diameter
20" long x 8" diameter
23" long x 8" diameter

12" long x 6" diameter

Long Haul Bag
23" long x 10" diameter

Hand made in the U.S.A!



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